It’s World Cerebral Palsy Day!

Apparently it is World Cerebral Palsy Day today.  I seem to remember visiting the World CP Day website sometime in the beginning of August or so.  Beyond that it completely dropped off my radar, but it did not drop off the radar of some of the other bloggers out there that happen to have some connection to CP.  So thank you to those bloggers out there that stayed on top of this day.  Here are a few links to some posts I found in honor of World CP Day.  Feel free to add any others you find in the comments section of this post.

World CP Day on Facebook

Blog Title Post Title
I have Cerebral Palsy…so what, I’m still awesome! World Cerebral Palsy Day!
Cerebral Palsy Family Network World CP Day Celebration!
Love that Max Why You Shouldn’t Pity My Child with Cerebral Palsy
AZ is Amazing Its World CP Day
bareyournakedtruth World Cerebral Palsy Day
To the Max What You Should Know About Kids With Cerebral Palsy: Wishes From Moms

I especially like the post from Love That Max and the video on AZ is Amazing.

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3 thoughts on “It’s World Cerebral Palsy Day!

  1. Thank you so much for adding my World Cerebral Palsy Day blog post to your list! Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

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