AT Dad’s Rules for an AT Life

When J was younger we used to read the Olivia series of books.  AT Mom and I loved the precocious nature and imagination that Ian Falconer gave his character Olivia.  When Nick Jr added an animated version of the stories to their lineup it was a natural for making our short list of TV shows we watched with J.  One feature that was added to the animated show that was not in the books is “Olivia’s Rules of Life” where Olivia imparts priceless pieces of information like:

  • “If you really, really, really want something it helps to use a triple please.”
  • “School glue has many uses.”
  • “Whatever the question costumes are always a good answer.”

They are often humorous and sometimes very practical (especially for someone 5-3/4 years old).  Well, I thought I might start something new here at AT Dad’s Place – “AT Dad’s Rules for an AT Life”.  I am hoping it will be an occasional repeating feature that will share tidbits of practical (and sometimes humorous) knowledge for others on their own journey through the unique valley of Assistive Technology.

If you have any advice that you would like to add to the rules of life list let me know.  I will also be adding a page here to track all of the rules as they accumulate.

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