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AT Dad’s Rules for an AT Life #2

Every Activity Can Be Adapted Using AT

This  rule may need a bit of defending because I am sure there will be some people that will start citing examples of activities they believe cannot be adapted.

First, let me make sure I am clear about what I mean by “activity”.  I do not mean a specific level of proficiency.  For example, someone might try to tell me that I cannot adapt playing Major League Baseball.  That is a level of proficiency.  However, the activity of playing baseball can (and has) been adapted.  There may be some purists out there that will watch a Challenger League Baseball game and claim it isn’t baseball.  Well, it’s been adapted.  Some of those adaptations are equipment, some are rule changes, some are fan perceptions.  If you get the chance to talk to a Challenger League player try telling them they are not really playing baseball. Continue reading

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AT for the Caregiver

Assistive technology (AT) isn’t always for the individual who happens to have a disability.  AT can also be something utilized by caregivers to make life easier as well.  This weeks DIY AT entry is one of those helpful life hacks for the caregiver.

Part of J’s life includes a G-tube.  Due to various issues, J receives a continuous drip feed through that G-tube using an enteral pump.  That means a carefully measured amount of food is pumped directly into J’s stomach at a predetermined rate over a prolonged period of time.  That also means that the carefully measured amount of food must be made every day.  This is where today’s low-tech AT project comes in.
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Short Break

Wow, almost two weeks since my last post and this one isn’t exactly going to be focused on Assistive Tech either.  I am hoping to get back to writing later this week, but most likely next week some time.  I occasionally am asked to speak at various conferences,  workshops, presentations, etc.  More often than not I am asked to speak not regarding AT, but to provide a dad’s point of view on raising an amazing child that happens to have special needs.

This particular time I am being asked to talk about emergency preparedness for families with children that happen to have special needs.  Not that I am an expert in the field.  I am just a dad that has done some practical preparation for some of the emergencies that our family experiences from time to time and some of the emergencies that we (thank God) have not experienced yet.

I am curious if this is a topic that people would like me to spend some time writing about here.  Let me know in the comments.  Also, I would love to hear about any tips or tricks you use for emergency preparedness in your homes.

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