Announcing the National Television Broadcast Premiere of CERTAIN PROOF

I got an exciting email today from Footpath Pictures.  The US Television rights for their documentary CERTAIN PROOF: A Question of Worth was just acquired by Starz Entertainment.  Apparently, Starz will be airing the broadcast premiere sometime in 2013.  Do you think it is too early to set my DVR?  Smile

I seriously recommend this film to anyone and everyone.  It is especially impactful if you have a connection to an individual that happens to have both motor and communication disabilities.

Certain Proof Announcement

Announcing the National Television Broadcast Premiere of CERTAIN PROOF

For those of you who have not heard of this documentary it is a powerful set of stories.  Here is how they describe the film on their website:


a question of worth

Certain Proof: A Question of Worthis a feature documentary about three children living with significant communication and physical disabilities, who struggle against the public schools in an emotional battle to prove their worth.

Over the course of two and a half years, “Certain Proof” follows the lives of Kay, Josh and Colin, three children with cerebral palsy. Despite multiple disabilities, they fight to prove that they are able to learn and deserve to be taught. Colin finds “No Child Left Behind” has exceptions; Kay combats harsh stereotypes inside middle school; and Josh faces continual doubt that he can learn at all. They and their families dare to hope in a striking testament to the complexity of the human spirit.

Here is a link to their trailer:

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