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Maintaining communication page sets on an AAC device can be overwhelming.  In this video I discuss one of the tricks I use to edit J’s page sets on my laptop while making sure that J’s Tobii C12 is kept up to date with the latest edits.

For those interested in how to make use of DropBox as a way of editing AAC page sets on Tobii devices, here is the how to video:

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AT Dad’s Rules for an AT Life #1

Every High Tech AT Solution Needs At Least One Low or No Tech Alternative

When relying on a high-tech AT solution it is important to realize that technology can fail.  High tech solutions have lots of technology and, therefore, have more chance of failure.  To make sure that failing AT does not limit ability it is important to have alternative solutions readily available that are either no or low tech.

At our house we have AT solutions of all tech levels, including some really high-tech solutions.  In general, high-tech AT solutions involve sophisticated electronics; usually microcontrollers and sometimes these solutions incorporate computers.  Sophisticated electronics, microcontrollers, and computers are amazing and wonderful tools for everyone.  I have been fascinated with them since I was a boy – which helps to explain my educational career as an Electrical Engineer and my vocational career as a Software Engineer.  Within the world of Assistive Technology they most definitely have their place. Continue reading

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